TouchBoard G80-11900

    The multifunctional TouchBoard is the perfect solution for limited spaces in situations requiring the functions of a ‘mouse’. Particularly in hard industrial applications, the CHERRY keyboard shows what she is made of. The model combines outstanding quality with long service life and precise, easy-to-operate touchpad.

    > Individual keys with Gold Crosspoint contacts (MX technology)
    > Designed for continuous usage – over 50 mill. confirmations per key
    > Robust and reliable
    > Space-saving and ergonomic
    > Ideal for limited space and 19′ applications
    > Can be used with the standard drivers of the operating system
    > USB keyboard: the following keys can be programmed freely using KeyM@n software (software macros) : function keys ‘F1’-‘F12’, ‘INSERT’, ‘DELETE’, ‘POSITION1’, ‘END’, ‘PAGE-UP’, ‘PAGE-DOWN’, ‘PRINT’, ‘PAUSE’, ‘ROLL’ comma and zero in the numeric field.