XS Touchpad Keyboard G84-5500

    The ‘XS Touchpad Keyboard’ (G84-5500) combines comfortable mouse control with compact dimensions. The mouse can be controlled easily and precisely via the large touchpad with two mouse keys.

    > High-quality touchpad with two mouse buttons for convenient control of the cursor
    > High degree of reliability and precise keystroke feel thanks to individual keys with Gold Crosspoint contacts (CHERRY ML technology)
    > Ideal for continuous usage due to the long operating life in excess of 20 million key confirmations per individual key
    > Compact dimensions and very low overall build height, ideal for restricted spaces and for 19′ applications
    > Standardised measurements and installation dimensions of the complete XS product family – the keyboard can be adapted to every application
    > Lightweight – for applications where every gram counts
    > Plug & Play – can be used with the operating system’s standard drivers
    > Supports Code Set 3 and UnifiedPOS
    > Fastening option for permanent installation
    > Detachable pluggable feet for individually adjusting the tilt of the keyboard
    > Freely programmable keys for even more time-saving operation