K-Line industrial keyboards

    K-Line keyboards are robust and durable input devices intended for applications (e.g.factory automation) in mechanically and chemically stressful environments. Omron’s B3F short-travel mechanical keyswitches covered by protective embossed polyester membrane provide a good tactile feedback when typing, as well as a high functional reliability. The front side is resistant to dust, moisture, alcohol, diluted acids, diluted alkalis, esters, hydrocarbons, ketones and household cleaning agents, what makes K-Line keyboards also applicable in hygiene-critical environments.

    > compact USB keyboards with 101/102 or 104/105 keys
    > various national/country layouts available
    > integrated pointing devices: trackball or touchpad
    > desktop, panel-mount and rack-mount versions
    > Omron’s B3F short-travel mechanical keyswitches
    > water-protected from the front
    > supported by generic drivers
    > programmable keys with enable/disable function
    > implemented “Protect” function provides several access levels (security)
    > optional PS/2 for legacy systems