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Correctness and quality of our products, solutions and services are the most important in the business activities of ESD Bulgaria Ltd. Our main ambition is to be beneficial to our customers. Our purpose is a long term partnership, jointly business and additional services in exploitation of products, which are bought from us.
We offer to our customers access to products, solutions and services from the world-leader manufacturers with whom we have signed contracts with all advantages of the direct contact.
We deliver high-quality products, solutions and services in the field of ICT* and CNC** & Automation technologies. We provide strong, reliable, competent and quick technical support.
If you are interested, we will gladly send you our company presentation.

* ICT: Information and Communication Technologies

** CNC: Computerized Numerical Control

ESD Bulgaria Ltd. is divided into “Departments” like organizational structure. You can contact us directly as follow:

Computer Products Department
– Our task is sales coordination of PRINTRONIX, DASCOM/TallyGenicom, Toshiba TEC, Datalogic, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility (former Metrologic), Tipro Keyboards, BÖWE Group, Hefter Systemform, Zebra, Intermec, Advantech Delog and to give the best possible technical support to our customers.


CNC Technologies & Automation Department
– Our task is sales coordination of HEIDENHAIN, Kovosvit MAS, TOS Varnsdorf, TAJMAC-ZPS, AVIA, TRENS, ELGO Electronic, TOS Olomouc, Alzmetall, Unisign, Grindex, Pilous, Datalogic Automation, Hommel+Keller, Hestego, KSK, Eppinger, Wravor products and to give the best possible technical support to our customers.


Marketing Coordination Department
– Our main and only task is creating succesful marketing strategy and generate a new business ideas.


Technical Service Department
– We are responsible for technical support, guarantee and atfer-warranty support;
– We are also responsible for development and realization of our engineering projects.

service.cp[at]esd.bg – for Computer Products Department
service.cnc[at]esd.bg – for CNC Technologies & Automation Department

Financial & Accounting Department
– We are responsible for financial relationships with our customers and suppliers.


In 1995 Mr. Emil Minkov founds ESD Bulgaria Ltd. in Sofia, Bulgaria. In fact, our company started in 1992 like ECD-BUL Ltd. In 1992 ECD-BUL started with 2 employers. Now our team consist of 7 people.

We have a long-term and successful partnerships with leading world producers.
Have a look at our partner relationships over the years:

2019 – Wravor
2018 – Unisign
2015 – BLUE RAY
2009 – Printronix, Intermec, DASCOM, TAJMAC-ZPS
2008 – Motorola, KOVOSVIT MAS
2007 – ratiotec, Gemalto, HEFTER Systemform
2005 – Datalogic
2003 – TallyGenicom, Tipro keyboards
2001 – Gemplus
2000 – ELGO Electric, Rexroth (преди Indramat)
1999 – Metrologic Instruments
1996 – Grundig Numeric
1994 – CHERRY
1992 – MANNESMAN Tally, Seagate

ESD Bulgaria Ltd.
Company address: Sofia 1172, D-r G.M. Dimitrov Blvd, bl. 60, entr. G, fl. 1
Address cor correspondece: Sofia 1172, PO Box 124
Telephone: +359 2 963 2949, 963 2298
Fax: +359 2 963 2940

VAT Identification Number: BG 831694267
(EU enlargement on 01 January 2007, According to Article 22-6th EC Directive 77/388EEC)
You can check EU VAT numbers here: http://ec.europa.eu
Trade register: N 4445 dated 10.03.1995, chapter 279/I, page 164, N 23419, Sofia’s Court of Low
Tax office: National Revenue Agency, Sofia

Our bank: Banka DSK AD
Bank account, IBAN, BGN: BG31STSA93001527419441
Bank account, IBAN, EURO: BG25STSA93001527421489

Working time
Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 17:30 h
A lunch brake: 12:30 – 13:30 h

Public holidays 2024

January, 1st (Monday) – New Year.
You can reach us again on January, 2ndd (Tuesday).

March, 3rd (Sunday) – Liberation of Bulgaria.
March 4th is additional holiday. You can reach us again on March 6th (Monday).

May, 1st (Wednesday) – Labor day.
You can reach us again on May, 2nd (Thursday).

May, 3rd (Friday) – Good Friday.
May, 5th (Sunday) – EASTER.
May, 6th (Sunday) – St. George and Day of bravery an Bulgarian army.
You can reach us again on May, 7th (Tuesday).

May, 24th (Friday) – Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day.
You can reach us again on May, 27th (Monday).

September, 6th (Friday) – Unification Day.
You can reach us again on September, 9th (Monday).

September, 22nd (Sunday) – Independence Day.
September 23rd is additional holiday. You can reach us again on September, 24th (Tuesday).

December, 24th, 25th and 26th (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) – Christmas.
You can reach us on December 27th, 30th and 31st.


2020 >

ESD Bulgaria EOOD received a grant under the procedure “Support to micro and small enterprises to overcome the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic”

ESD Bulgaria EOOD was approved in the first evaluation session for granting financial aid under the procedure “Support to micro and small enterprises to overcome the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic”, under the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness”.

Project number: BG16RFOP002-2.073-0390-C01

Project: Overcoming the lack of funds and the lack of liquidity, which occurred as a result of the epidemic of COVID-19

Main goal: Providing operational capital for Bulgarian micro and small enterprises to deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Achieving a positive effect in overcoming the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and job stability.

Beneficiary: ESD Bulgaria EOOD

Total value: BGN 10,000, of which BGN 8,500 European and BGN 1,500 national co-financing.

Start: 23.06.2020
End: 23.09.2020


2011 >

EU project according Lifelong Learning Programme, sub-programme Leonardo da Vinci for vocational education and training – contract Nr. 2011-1-BG1-LEO03-04829.
Brochure, Download PDF file, Bulgarian version

Leonardo da Vinci programme

ESD Bulgaria, as a representative of the German concern HEIDENHAIN, actively supported vocational technical education in Bulgaria since the beginning of 2008. During that time we have established good contacts with almost all vocational schools and technical universities with training courses in the fields of Mechanical Engineering & Automation. In the course of our acctivities, however, found it necessary to invest more time and resources to train themselves school teachers. And it is somewhat natural since technology now evolve at high rates in our area things change approximately every two years. For us it was a challenge to answer this problem: How to organize quality training for teachers?

We get the idea to take advantage of EU Lifelong Learning Programme and in particular the sub-programme Leonardo da Vinci relating to vocational education and training (action Mobility). Our idea was to prepare a project under this program, the goal is to send teachers from several vocational schools of professional training in a company HEIDENHAIN, in Germany. At the beginning of 2011 we prepared a project called “Training in NC-programming for Bulgarian teachers from eight vocational technical schools”. Our project was approved and we signed a contract Nr. 2011-1-BG1-LEO03-04829.

During the training the teachers improved their knowledge in programming of CNC machine tools, mastered the modern way of teaching the subject and is familiar with modern CNC technologies.

Now teachers can convey this knowledge to his students, with the result that graduates seniors will be able to apply their skills in their practice and employers benefit. This will contribute to the competitiveness of the graduates of the Bulgarian and European labor market and will become a modern professionals.

This project is funded with support from the European Commission. The published information herein reflects only the ESD Bulgaria Ltd. European Commission and the National Agency (www.hrdc.bg) are not responsible for how the information can be used.

This section is available in Bulgarian only.