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ESD Bulgaria provides customers with the opportunity for subscription maintenance of devices, both in the warranty and out-of-warranty period.
The service is possible for the brands of printers, machines and other equipment we offer. The scope of the services and the activities for their implementation are described in a individual contract.

For more information you can contact us on info@esd.bg or 02/ 963 29 49.

Production of vouchers

SODEXO PASS BULGARIA was established in the beginning of 2003 and is a subsidiary of Sodexo Pass International, based in Paris, France. The main activity of the company is the management of benefits through vouchers and service cards and in particular the management of food benefits.
Sodexo Pass vouchers are pre-printed on wide and continuous paper. A Boewe Systec 310speed cutting machine is used to cut the vouchers into individual copies. The 310Speed ​​is designed for heavy loads with critically short operating times. Described as the “classic” of guillotines, the 310Speed ​​offers precise cutting at the highest speeds.

Broshure (PDF, BG)

Subscribtion service support of line matrix printers

Line dot matrix printing is widely used where high-quality and reliable heavy duty operation is required, but the costliness of printing is important. This type of printing is used in large logistics centers, banking sector, warehouses and other.

ESD Bulgaria has exellent trained and experienced specialists for maintenance of line printers. The customers use line printers 24/7 and that why machine maintenance must be on a high level. ESD Bulgaria offers to customers subscription service support for linear, dot matrix and other printers with all the advantages of good service: periodic maintenance and inspection of devices, quick replacement with original spare parts, original consumables.