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Machine retrofit – an economic alternative

Modernization of your machines, also called retrofitting, is the solution when it comes to giving your machine park a new life. We can help you get your machines back in top shape. In most cases, the mechanics is still in a good or very good condition, but the controller and drives are worn out, resulting in increasingly frequent failures and more and more trouble getting spare parts.

In practice, this means:
– Replacement and reinstallation of CNC controls and/or drives of the latest generation, irrespective of the technology used before
– Mechanical reworking and modernization of the complete package, if necessary.

Depending on the equipment you need and on the degree of conversion, you can achieve the following main advantages:
– Increased productivity by reducing the standstill and downtimes and through faster machining cycles when machining complex parts
– Higher quality through higher accuracy and simple operation and programming
– Greater ease of operation and programming
– Faster machining cycles when machining complex parts – Greater precision
– Spare parts supply guaranteed for a long period of time
– Reliable and safe data management
– Larger memory capacity
– Networking and CAD link options.