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The line matrix printing advantages
The P8000 line printers have a new design, are more convenient and have lower operating costs – they have significant advantages over laser printers in terms of energy savings, cost per page, waste of consumables, reliability in the industrial environment and media flexibility. Every aspect of the line dot matrix printer is designed to provide reliability, speed and uninterrupted performance across a wide range of production environments.

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Warehouse management system StoreIT
Warehouse management system, characterized by fast implementation, possibility for subscription service, integration with the existing ERP system of the customer, management of different owners in one warehouse. Facilitated access via web-based interface, mobile applications (handheld devices), transport management. The applications are appropriate for activities such as warehousing, supply, production, inventory, sales, packaging and many others, depending on the specifics of the customers’s work.

Learn more on storeit.esd.bg (BG only).