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The service maintenance of our industrial products is organized in the same principles, as those under which are working all service centers of our partners all over the world. For a country with a small territory, like Bulgaria, the most advisable service organization, with a view to the product application under important and critical situations, it is the centralized service. In this way spare parts supply and their availability is facilitated in maximum. Therefore we could be able to ensure in the best way the uninterrupted machinery work of our clients.
- Our team of experts are with long-lived industry experience
- Our technicians are in factory trained
- Convenient service options:

  •  Field Service
  •  Depot Repair
  •  Express Exchange
  •  Spare Parts
  •  Available special service and test equipment

- Versatile coverage options:

  • Installing of a new CNC controls / controllers
  • Replacement of a old CNC controls / controllers with new ones
  • PLC programming for CNC controls / controllers
  • Commissioning and optimization of digital drives
  • Startup Assistance
  • Option Fitting
  • NC-programming training
  • CAD-design of electrical diagrams and cabinets
  • Assembling of electrical cabinets and machine electrical circuits mounting


Technical Consultation and Sales

  •  Application consultation for a new machines and facilities
  •  General measurement and automation tasks
  •  Modernization of machine tools
  •  Replacement/repair of products and modules

Repair of

  •  Milling and Lathes Controls
  •  Linear / Rotary / Angle Encoders
  •  Position Displays
  •  Inverters and Motors
  •  EXE / IBV / IK electronic

Field service for

  •  TNC / MillPlus controls
  •  Lathe Controls MANUALplus / Turn Plus
  •  Linear / Rotary / Angle Encoders
  •  Position Displays
  •  Inverters and Motors
  •  EXE / IBV / IK modules
  •  Commissioning and interfacing.

We Work Harder To Keep You Running. We have a relatively huge spare parts stock in Sofia for your urgently needs. In case of machine brakedown we do our best to rebuild the machine in less than 24 hours (in standard weekly work time). In case of needs we can deliver virtual any spare parts from our parners from Europe in maximum 24 hours.

Rapid Responce is Standard. Because we have factory trained technicians to support your service needs. Our technicians are CNC experts with long-lived industry experience.
MONDAY 9,00h (Sofia' time - GMT+02:00) You phone or send via this web site inquiry for service with the product's serial and identification numbers and description of your problem situation.
MONDAY 10,00h Within one (1) hour either the problem is solved or you have received (by phone, e-mail or fax) an confirmation for Return of Materials to ESD Bulgaria or you have a scheduled with an on-site Service Tech.
TUESDAY 17,00h Repaired and running smoothly in 15 business hours* or less!

* Valid for current product programs of our partners and available spare parts in Bulgaria.

Thanks to an exemplary spare parts management, ESD Bulgaria offers a wide assortment of wear and spare parts both for the current and obsolete product ranges. In case of need, such parts can be dispatched within a few hours only.

 ESD Bulgaria offers various services, comprising accomplishment of repair work, relocation of components of the current and obsolete product ranges as well as supply of technical documentation.

The full force of our organization is dedicated to meeting your needs:

  • Dispatch personnel
  • Certified field engineers
  • Product managers
  • Available special service and test equipment
  • Spare parts coordinators
  • Experts with long-lived experience

General Conditions for the supply of products and services of the electrical and electronics industry / ZVEI (Download, PDF file, 0.3 MB)