Tirpo Keyboards


ESD Bulgaria Ltd. is a partner of Tipro Keyboards for Bulgaria

Focusing on your future needs.
In the technological universe we are a planet with a heart.

We are enthusiastic researchers into new forms of interaction between human and machine. We create intelligent interface solutions, which understand your desires and enhance your efficiency.

The aim has always been to find the appropriate solution for different people, different environments and different applications. We respect the fact that no two people are alike, and today we know who is using around 92% of the products we deliver.

In TIPRO we own the company and every owner is directly involved the business. We are dedicated to our work and we wish to remain in control of the company's destiny.

The complete process is inside TIPRO. Product definition, design and development above. Production and complete logistics below. Under our roof and under our control.

Key moments in our history:
1985 - Company founded;
1986 - INES - keyboard enable full functionality for home computers;
1988 - Programmable keyboards with multi-function keys;
1991 - Specialised keyboards for disabled users;
1993 - Specialised keyboards for industrial environments;
1996 - Fully compliant with the ISO 9001 standard; global sales;
1997 - Modular input device MID enables fully modular solutions;
2000 - New headquarters and manufacturing base;
2001 - New generation of intelligent input devices, FREE and FREE+;
2002-2004 - ... and we really enjoyed working with you!
2005 - 20th Anniversary celebration;
2006 - New all-in-one system BeFREE;
2007 - Development of different input devices for the dispatcher market segment.

About company
Retail 2011 Brochure (Download PDF file)
Modular Dispatcher Terminal spread Brochure (Download PDF file)