ESD Bulgaria Ltd. is Authorized partner of STEINBICHLER Optotechnik GmbH for Bulgaria

Steinbichler Optotechnik is a worldwide leading supplier of optical measuring and testing technology. Steinbichler's systems are in operation at numerous well-known industrial companies and research institutes. The company offers to its customers innovative and effective solutions for a wide variety of applications. Since the company´s foundation in 1980 (Labor Dr. Steinbichler) and 1987 (Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH), Steinbichler develops and markets highly precise systems with corresponding software solutions for a wide range of applications (after the consolidation of both companies in 2005 now operating as Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH):

- 3D-Digitizing
- Surface Inspection
- Tire Testing
- Shearography-NDT
- Deformation and Vibration Analysis (TV-Shearography, ESPI/PulsESPI).

Among numerous international Steinbichler's customers are many well-known industry companies mainly from the automotive, aerospace, and tire industry branches. With the innovation strength and technical know-how Steinbichler could contribute to many research projects funded by the European Community and the German government, leading to important technological developments. Thus, Steinbichler Optotechnik has supplied high-tech products for a number of experiments carried out within the framework of the Space Lab Missions D1 and D2 (1985 and 1993). The projects HOLOP-D1 and HOLOP-D2 provided numerous clues on solution and diffusion processes and on the distribution of droplets at zero gravity. The holographic instrument of HOLOP-D1 and the optical laboratory of HOLOP-D2, both designed and built by Steinbichler Optotechnik, formed the basis of these successful projects.

Furthermore, many patents testify Steinbichler's leading role and capacity in the fields of optical metrology. In addition, high-value synergy effects evolve from strategic development and sales cooperations with competent partners from industry and research.

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