Tooling systems for lathes

ESD Bulgaria Ltd. is partner of ESA EPPINGER GMBH for Bulgaria

The story of Eppinger begins in 1925 when Gottlieb Eppinger started his company to develop and manufacture special tool holders for cam operated lathes. Soon the company followed up with optimization of chip removal on their production floor by developing new types of tool holders. By focusing on innovative and highly precise tooling systems for CNC turning centers, Eppinger has reached a leading market position. Cost effective, innovative engineering, an all encompassing applications know-how and a highly developed standard of quality has placed the company as a sought after and competent partner for manufacturers of turning centers.

Today Eppinger is a leader in this worldwide market and employs approximately 450 people around the world. Eppinger tooling products include fixed and rotary tool holders as well as complete tooling systems. The trade marks ESA and PRECI-FLEX® have stirred up a lot of interest among tooling experts due to their creative design innovations and have set a new standard in many manufacturing applications.

To ensure continuous high quality output the company employs the most sophisticated manufacturing methods coupled with the latest technology in quality control beginning with computed aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to computer aided quality control (CAQ).

The greatest advantages for our customers are the highest possible precision, manufacturing efficiencies, and the resulting increase in the productivity of our manufacturing systems.