ESD Bulgaria Ltd. is partner of CHERRY for Bulgaria

The company develops and produces computer input devices, switching systems, sensor technology and controls for the automobile industry, as well as components for household appliances and industrial applications.

April 17, 1953 Walter Cherry establishes Cherry Electrical Products in the basement of a Highland Park, Illinois restaurant. Cherry was fast becoming known for the snap action switch - generically called the "Cherry Switch" by engineers and designers across the United States. Early in our history, we recognized the fact that our long-term success would be dependent upon the development of a network of worldwide design and manufacturing capabilities.

Our first step in this process came in 1965 with the establishment of our German operation, Cherry GmbH. In 1965 Cherry enters the U. S. Automotive market. The Keyboard line was introduced in 1973. Cherry GmbH has grown to become one of Europe's leading manufacturers of keyboards, snap switches and automotive switches and controls.

Cherry GmbH is taking the lead in the successful application of next generation technology in affordable, reliable solutions for its customers. Cherry has produced 3.2 billion keyswitches MX to date.