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  Internet Browser   Internet Browser
You can explore Internet with different browsers:
- Internet Explorer. For download, Please, visit www.microsoft.com
- Mozilla Firefox. For download, Please, visit www.mozilla.org
- or other browsers by your own choice.
  Adobe Reader   Adobe Reader
A part of the information in this site is presented like PDF files. You need Adobe Reader programme to view these files.
For download, Please, visit www.adobe.com.
  Adobe Reader   Basic settings for Adobe Reader
To display the documents clearly and correctly on the monitor do following:
- Open Adobe Reader
- In Adobe Reader menu select: Edit > Preferences
- In Page Display / Rendering / Smooth text select None
- In your Internet browser deactivate Show PDF in Browser
- In Documents deactivate Open Cross-Document Links in Same Window.

Adobe Reader   Fundamentals for working with Adobe Reader
The online help of Adobe Reader will give you a brief introduction of the most important functions:
- Start Adobe Reader
- In Help menu select Adobe Reader Help.