The horizontal milling and boring machine WHN(Q) 13/15 CNC is a universal machine designed for precise milling, line-coordinate drilling, boring and threadcutting of box- and board-type workpieces as well as complicated workpieces from cast-iron, steel cast-iron and steel with the weight of up to 25 000 kg. WHN(Q) 13/15 CNC is the most successful machine from the company production. The fi rst model of the machine was produced in 1968. The success of this machine can be documented by the fact that more than 2724 pieces of these machines have been sold up to now. It particularly excels in the ratio between capacity and the purchasing costs. The users value the structure of the machine, which guarantees high rigidity and reliability as well as high technical parameters and a broad range and comfort of the technological features. The machine can be supplemented with a series of options, which greatly extend the machine‘s potentialities.