Max. turning dia: 340 mm
    Max. turning length: 550 mm
    Max. output S1: 19 kW

    – Bed structure – 60° from horizontal surface
    – Tool head (SAUTER VDI 40)
    – Ball screws (NSK) – with nut cooling capability
    – Possibility of using a ball screw with the tailstock – by reason of minimum clamping force
    – Hydraulic unit with proportional valves – setting the pressure on the control panel
    – Ball screw drives without a gear (motor, clutch, ball screw), ball screws used with lower pitch by reason of securing higher positioning precision
    – Electrical spindle A6 (Siemens)
    – Linear guide (Schneeberger size 35)
    – Hydraulic cylinder of the tailstock with admeasuring – setting the pressure on the control panel
    – Components spreading heat and noise placed in the rear of the machine
    – Setting the position of the chuck jaws on the control panel

    Manufacturer: KOVOSVIT

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