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Reliable production – with a new CNC metal cutting machines only
Buying a new, modern and heavy duty CNC metal cutting machine is the only solution, that can give a chance to the Bulgarian machine engineers for competing the European and the World market.

We, ESD Bulgaria Ltd., can help you to achieve this competitive power, as offer you the machines of the leading european producer Kovosvit MAS, Czech Republic, whose representative partner and service we are. Besides we are known as representative partner and service of HEIDENHAIN for a long time.

We appear to be the only company in Bulgaria that is in direct contract with both the producer of the machines and the producer of the Computer Numerical Controllers at the same time.
What better guarantee for assuarance and realiability from that, right?

What we offer you:
– Large range of high quality metal cutting machine with CNC of the Czech company Kovosvit MAS – vertical, 5-axis vertical and gantry machining centres, horizontal centres, turning machining centres and multioperational turning-milling centres
– Full range products of HEIDENHAIN – World leader in production of CNC for metal cutting machines, linear and rotary encoders for measuring of position and etc.
– Training for programming the HEIDENHAIN countouring controls. We dispose with Educational centres in Technical University – Sofia and in the Professional Technical High Schools in Montana, Varna and Yambol
– Support and servicing by skilled service engineers, trained in the production centers of our partners.
– Preferential dealings and special prices.

Via Complect - Sofia

Company Via Complect is with main object of activity designing and producing of special technological equipment, machines, instrumental equipment (squirt molds, dies, molds), products, meeting and details. For its producing needs they disposing with new vertical manufacturing center Kovosvit MAS model MCV 754 Quick with HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 controlling.

Via Complect Ltd.
Broshure (PDF, BG, 0.4 MB)

Bulmac 2005 Ltd. - Varna

Bulmak 2005 is a producer of metal instalations and structures, asphalt mixing installations, compost installations, power equipment, production of components for shipbuilding, mounting of heat producing installations. July 2017 the company purchased horizontal drilling-milling machine WHN 110, produced by Czech company TOS VARNSDORF, a.s.

Bulmac 2005 Ltd.
Broshure (PDF, BG, 0.4 MB)