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Encoders for safety elevators from HEIDENHAIN

The demands on elevator technology have risen steadily in the past years: Not only are faster speeds and greater conveyor heights required, but also compact designs and low operating costs. And the most comfortable of rides: smooth starting and continuous acceleration are as much a prerequisite for a pleasant ride without undesirable loads as are gentle braking and traverse to the exact target position. The drive control plays an important role here.

The trend continues toward gearless drive machines, which offer a series of economical and environmental advantages: elevator systems with little vibration or noise; reduced spatial requirements permit machine-room-less (MRL) elevators; comfortable ride properties; low energy consumption; freedom from maintenance and oil.

Permanent-magnet synchronous motors are often used because of the greater power density. Depending on the control strategy, these types of motors require absolute position information for correctly controlling the rotor position. This position information can be provided by an absolute rotary encoder or an incremental rotary encoder with commutation signals, for example.

Rotary encoders manufactured by HEIDENHAIN, are suitable to drive the elevator and to the right, safe and silent door control.

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Серия продукти за безопасност и контрол на асансьори от ELGO ELECTRONIC

ELGO Group has been developing and producing magnetic tape-based measuring systems for position determination in lift systems since 2002. Thanks to continuous development and consistent compliance with elevator relevant standards, ELGO Batscale AG has succeeded in further expanding ELGO’s market-leading position.

LIMAX shaft information systems use magnetic tape technology to record the position of the elevator car in the shaft with high precision. The principle is very simple: A sensor mounted on the elevator car detects the current absolute car position using Hall sensors, which scan the magnetic tape mounted in the shaft without contact. In this way, the position of the car can be determined at any time with high accuracy.

LIMAX sensors can be used to reduce structure-borne noise according to DIN8989.
Our product portfolio comprises three product lines which cover different requirements for shaft information systems: LIMAX STANDARD, LIMAX RED и LIMAX COMPACT.

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