WHN(Q) 13 / 15 CNC

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Manufacturer : TOS VARNSDORF

The WHN(Q) 13 CNC horizontal milling and boring machine is an universal machine tool designed for precise milling, coordinate boring, the boring and cutting of box and plate screws and complicated workpieces with a weight of up to 25,000 kg. The WHN(Q) 13 CNC is the most successful machine in the company's production range. The first model of this machine was produced in 1969. The fact that to date more than 2,000 of these machines have been
manufactured bears witness to the success of the WHN(Q) 13 CNC. It stands out mainly thanks to the ratio of its utility properties to its purchase price. Users also appreciate the machine structure, which guarantees high rigidity and reliability, high technical parameters and the wide range and comfort of the technological functions.

  • the most successful machine produced by TOS VARNSDORF a. s. (more than 2,000 produced machines)
  • universal machine tool for precise milling, coordinate boring, the boring and cutting of box and plate plate screws and comlicated workpieces with weight of up to 25,000 kg
  • machine can be extended with a wide selection of technological accessories that significantly widen the machine technological utility value
  • either SINUMERIK 840D, HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 or FANUC 31i control system can be selected for controlling the machine

Machine configuration

• WHN 13/15 CNC – basic version of the machine
• WHQ 13/15 CNC – version with an automatic tool change
• WHQ 13/15 MC – the machine has a character of a machining centre Tool and Pallet change
• The WHN(Q) 13/15 CNC machines are equipped with work spindle diameter 130 mm or 150 mm
• 5 continuously controlled axes (X, Y, Z, W and B)

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