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On October 23, 2019, the renovated and equipped by ESD Bulgaria and HEIDENHAIN, a Machine Training Laboratory for CNC Machine Tool Programming, was opened at the Mechanical and Technological Faculty of TU Sofia. The opening was attended by the Rector of the University Art. Cor. Prof. Ph.D. Georgi Mihov, Prof. Dr. Eng. Georgi Todorov, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Prof. Ph.D. Lyubomir Dimitrov, Vice-Rector, Prof. Konstantin Kamberov, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology and machine tools, professors and business and industry representatives.

The hall, which is located in the third block, will train fourth year students in the Meccanical and Technological Faculty, as well as third year students in the IT specialty in the Faculty of Computer Systems and Technology. The total number of students trained at HEIDENHAIN programming stations is about 70 per year, with two teachers - Prof. Peter Hadjiiski and Ch. Assistant Professor Eng. Tsvetan Kaldushev.

It is unanimous in the opinion of all present that in order to make progress in every field of industry, education and business need to work in parallel and in a coordinated way. The need for specialists working in modern machine tools is increasing, but the ITF said that for the first time in ten years, the intake in the specialties related to these professions has increased. Over the years, programming and working with machine tools has become an increasingly high-tech activity, and the use of the full functionality of CNC machine tools, in addition to improving production quality, has also added many additional benefits to businesses: reducing processing times, extending the life of the machine tools, the ability to produce special and complicated products, connectivity of machines to computer networks and control systems, etc. In addition, employers expect the hiring staff to be well-trained and put into practice their university-acquired skills. In this regard, we can add that HEIDENHAIN programming stations are fully functional, 100% modulating the operation of a modern machine tool, and processing programs written with their help can be directly load to the CNC on milling cutters of the last generation.

In addition, the renovated laboratory complex for Technological Robotics and Geometric Validation and Reverse Engineering was opened, donated by the companies Spesima, Festo and Polimeta C.